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Goatskin brown beige white black 110x85cm

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      Goatskin brown beige white black 110x85cm

      Leatheroverstock.Com offers you the finest and largest collection of goatskins. Are you missing a warm atmosphere in your house and want to make your house a home? Then you can add a warm natural atmosphere to your interior with this goatskin. From our collection you can see the goatskin brown beige white black with a size of 110x85cm. Hair firm, does not smell and with a silk sheen, this goatskin is extremely suitable for the living room, bedroom or office but also nice to further process. With this goatskin you instantly bring a warm and charming atmosphere to your home and office.

      • Color: brown beige white black
      • Size: ± 110x85cm
      • Leather thickness: ± 2 - 4mm (varies by goat and place of measurement)

      How can you use this goatskin?

      The most well-known and applied way is to use a goatskin as an attractive rug in your interior. They are often used in the living room, for example, to place in front of the fireplace or in the sitting area under the chair to create a warm atmosphere. But we also see them more and more on, for example, the table or a cabinet.

      For further processing, create unique furniture and accessories

      Did you know that you can also use this goatskin for further processing? This is because they are nice and supple, yet sturdy. Are you a creative and handy with cutting, carving and sewing? Then you can make your own beautiful bags, cushions, accessories and many more fun things out of them. Our goatskins are also regularly used for upholstering furniture such as chairs and stools.

      Can I use the goatskin outside?

      Yes, to a certain extent. If the weather outside is nice and not humid then you can use this goatskin on the patio. Is it raining or humid? Then it's best to put your goatskin in the barn for a while. Also in the evening it is best to bring your goatskin inside. Leather does not handle moisture well. If the goatskin is lying dry under a roof, it is fine.

      How can you maintain goatskin?

      Goat skins require little to no maintenance. If dirt or moisture has gotten on the coat, you can use the tips below when cleaning.

      Remove stains and dirt from goatskin:

      • These can be gently whipped out with the hand or a mat whisk.
      • If moisture (beverage, etc.) is spilled on it, pat the area dry immediately (do not rub!) with a clean dry cloth.
      • Stubborn stains can be removed with a small amount of natural detergent with lukewarm/hot water.
      • Dried-up dirt can be removed with a slightly damp cloth.

      Uniquely photographed and measured separately

      With us you always get the goatskin of the photo sent home. We photograph all hides separately so you get an extra good picture. So you can immediately give it a nice spot and enjoy it.

      In addition, we also measure all our goatskins separately so you know exactly if it will fit your desired spot later. This is always a +/- size.

      Go for a goatskin that no one else has

      Goat skins are truly natural products, which is why only one of each goat skin is available. This way you always have a 100% unique specimen in your home that no one else has.

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