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Reindeer skin brown 125x100cm

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      Reindeer skin brown 125x100cm

      Leatheroverstock.Com offers you the finest and largest collection of reindeer skins. Are you missing a warm atmosphere in your house and want to make your house a home? Then you can add a warm natural atmosphere to your interior with this reindeer skin. From our collection you can see the reindeer skin brown with a size of 125x100cm. Hair firm, does not smell and with a silk sheen, this reindeer skin is extremely suitable for the living room and bedroom but also for the office. With this reindeer skin you immediately bring a warm and charming atmosphere in your home and office.

      • Color: brown
      • Size: ± 125x100cm

      How can you use this reindeer skin?

      One of the most popular ways to use a reindeer skin is as a throw-over on your sofa or chair (but don't sit on it). This allows you to break up the large surface of your sofa which brings more ambiance and contrast to your living room.

      You can also use a reindeer skin as a decorative piece for over a table complemented with cute little accessories.

      In the Scandinavian interiors, log cabins and hunting lodges you see that a reindeer skin is often used as wall decoration. This is just a little bit more unique than a painting from a dozen. The reindeer skins are quite lightweight which makes hanging them up quite easy.

      Can I use the reindeer skin outside?

      Yes, to a certain extent. If the weather outside is nice and not humid then you can use this reindeer skin on the patio. Is it raining or humid? Then it's best to put your reindeer in the stable for a while. Also in the evening it's best to bring your reindeer hide inside. Leather can't handle moisture very well. If the reindeer skin is dry under a roof it's fine.

      Important when using a reindeer skin

      Reindeer are very resistant to extreme temperatures, down to well over -50 degrees Celsius. This is due to their special coat. The fur consists of two different layers: a dense undercoat and an upper layer of hollow hairs. These hollow hairs trap air, allowing the reindeer to retain their heat extremely well. You can compare the effect to double-glazed windows.

      Although a reindeer skin can be a wonderful addition to your interior, we recommend using a reindeer skin purely as decoration. If you place the reindeer skin in a busy place, such as in the hallway, on a chair you sit on or as a rug that is walked on, the hairs may break off over time due to the pressure, leading to hair loss. So it is not recommended to use reindeer skins to sit on, walk on, lie on, and so on. Use them purely as decoration so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible.

      We check reindeer skins at least 4 times for any hair loss (at the supplier, upon arrival, when photographed and before shipping). Hair loss is not guaranteed and these complaints cannot be considered.

      How can you maintain reindeer skin?

      A reindeer skin needs very little care. The reindeer skin consists of an undercoat of down and an outer coat of hollow air-filled cover hairs. Because of the hollow hairs, a reindeer skin is not suitable for walking and sitting. With reindeer skins, the less you do to them, the longer they stay beautiful.

      • The reindeer skin can be vacuumed on a very low setting with the bristles following.
      • If moisture (drinks etc.) has been spilled on the reindeer skin pat the area dry immediately (do not rub!) with a clean dry cloth.
      • Stubborn stains can be removed with a small amount of natural detergent.

      • Do not put the reindeer skin in the washing machine or dryer!
      • Do not let the reindeer skin dry near a heat source such as a heater, stove or in the sun.

      Uniquely photographed and measured separately

      With us you always get the reindeer skin of the photo sent home. We photograph all skins separately so you get an extra good picture. So you can immediately give it a nice spot and enjoy it.

      In addition, we also measure all our reindeer skins separately so you know exactly if it will fit your desired spot later. This is always a +/- size.

      Go for a reindeer skin no one else has

      Reindeer skins are genuine natural products, which is why only one of each reindeer skin is available. This way you always have a 100% unique reindeer skin that no one else has.

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