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How can you use a cowhide in your interior?

How can you use a cowhide in your interior?

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A cowhide is a beautiful and elegant addition to any kind of interior. Whether you have a traditional, industrial, or modern interior by the large variety of colors and sizes is always a suitable cowhide. A beautiful cowhide can be the centerpiece of your room or other space. They bring a beautiful warm and luxurious atmosphere with it.

Have you always wanted to use a cowhide in your interior but you do not know how or are you still looking for inspiration? Then let us take you to different possibilities.

A cowhide in your living room brings a warm atmosphere

One of the most common places to use a cowhide is the living room. No wonder because in this room you spend a lot of time. Enjoy watching a movie or series, relax after a busy day and of course to socialize with your friends and family. Therefore, the living room may be extra cozy and warm.

But how can you use a cowhide in your living room? There are several ways to use a cowhide in the living room. Above all, let your inner interior stylist and creativity speak for you will be amazed at the possibilities.

On the floor in the living room

One of the most common ways is to lay the cowhide flat on the floor, mostly centrally between the sofa and television or fireplace. This breaks up the flat open space and makes your living room feel more unified. Do you really want the cowhide as a center-piece in the living room? Then lay it free on the floor without putting anything of furniture on it.

Would you prefer to further blend the cowhide into your interior? Then you can also put a small table, bench or other nice piece of furniture on it. They can take a beating pretty well so you don't have to worry about damage to the rug if you put a piece of furniture on it. In addition, it is also extra practical because where else do you leave that hot cup of tea, that nice glass of wine or your other belongings.

What is also a common, and also beautiful way, is to slide the cowhide partly under the sofa, cabinet or other piece of furniture. For example, do you have a lot of straight and clean lines in your interior? Then put the cowhide a little bit slanted under the sofa or closet. So you create a fun and playful effect.

Cowhide in living room freestanding Ignace Cowhide black and white free standing in living room Ilja

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Another fun way to use your cowhide in the living room is over the sofa, specifically the back. For example, you can hang an XS size cowhide over the back of your couch to break up the large plane of the couch. But you can also cover a larger portion of your sofa with the cowhide.

For example, if you have pets like dogs or cats that like to lie on the couch with you(but are not allowed to demolish the couch ;)).

Use a cowhide as a lovely warm addition in your bedroom

A cowhide can also be a great addition in the bedroom. For example, place the cowhide next to your bed so you never have cold feet when you get out of bed. Or if you have a slightly larger bedroom you can also place it in front of your closet or purchasing closet.

Something you used to see more often, especially in the colder countries, was a sheepskin or reindeer skin on the footboard. This kept it nice and warm in bed and you never had cold feet. Also cowhides are used more and more in this way. An XS size cowhide usually fits perfectly over the foot end.

Cowhide white spotted in bedroom Rebecca

Use a cowhide in the kitchen or dining room for a luxurious atmosphere

The living room and bedroom are the most common areas to use a cowhide in as an embellishment for your interior. But did you know that a cowhide can also look great in your kitchen and dining room. Do you have a larger kitchen or a separate dining room you can also put a beautiful cowhide under the dining table. This makes your dining room even more atmospheric. Doesn't it get dirty quickly? No, just eat neatly. Did something spill on it? Then follow these maintenance tips for your cowhide.

Brown cowhide in kitchen under dining table Silvia

In the mancave or hunting room

Do you have a mancave or hunting room where you can retreat for a while? A cowhide is certainly not to be missed there either. For example, put the cowhide under the pool table or in front of the screen of your home theater for a cool decoration. Have you made it a gaming room with large screen for your Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo? Then you can also place a cowhide near the couch in front of the screen for extra atmosphere.

Do you prefer a hunting room? A cowhide will certainly not look out of place there either! Depending on the style of your hunting room, you can go for a more exotic cowhide like brindle or just a more traditional brown one. Of course combined with a beautiful antler or horn.

Also use a cowhide in the hallway, corridor or landing

Do you already have a cowhide in your living room and bedroom? After the first one, a second one usually follows, our experience shows. Also look at the places in your home that you had not thought of before, such as the hall, corridor or landing. Often these are "forgotten" places where less or even no attention is paid. But just from these "forgotten" places you can make something very beautiful!

Cowhide brown and white in the hallway of Luc and Ingrid Grey cowhide in hallway at Ben's Cowhide black brown white spotted on landing Sandra

In the office, make your customers and visitors feel at home

Have you ever thought about using a cowhide in your office decor? Nowadays, offices are no longer "offices" but places to get together. Or maybe you have your own little office that you can decorate entirely to your own taste? Also for that a cowhide can be a nice luxury addition. Your customers and visitors will quickly feel at home and therefore more at ease.

Cowhide with zebra print in office


Do you have a beautiful store? Then an attractive decoration may not be lacking. For example, put a cowhide in a less frequented place or hang it on the wall or lay it over a table as decoration. A cowhide will immediately bring a homely atmosphere into your store and visitors will soon feel more at ease.

Two black and white cowhides in flower store Phoeniks

Hang a cowhide against the wall

Another cool way to use a cowhide in your interior is to hang it against the wall. In the Netherlands we don't see it that much yet but abroad we see it more and more. The nice thing about this is that you can apply it anywhere, in your living room, bedroom, mancave short in any room is possible.

Also, check out our inspiration room for great ideas.

Do you have any great ideas on how to use a cowhide in your decor?

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