Delivery of your item(s)

If you have placed an order with us we will immediately start working for you. The products you ordered will be collected and prepared for shipment. Before the package is sent, it will first be checked for the correct products. This way you can be sure that you always receive the products you want.

The delivery time

We strive to deliver your orders within 1 or 2 working days. After your order has been paid, checked and approved it will be sent immediately. You will receive a tracking code with which you can follow your package. For each article is also the expected delivery time to find.

What is a tracking code?
the order is too large for the mailbox, it will be sent as a package. When your package is registered with PostNL, a tracking code will be sent to your e-mail address. You can use the tracking code to follow your order, so you can see exactly where your package is in the delivery process.

Shipping Methods

Do you live in the Netherlands? Then you have a wider choice of different shipping methods. Convenient if you are not at home or just want to visit.

Pick up at PostNL location
Are you not always at home during the day? No worries, then choose the shipping method Pick up at PostNL location. Once you fill in your address in the shopping cart and choose the shipping method Pick up from a PostNL location, our system will check which PostNL locations are closest to you. So you never have to drive far to pick up your package. If you have chosen this option then there will also be an expected collection day shown. Usually that is 1 or 2 days after the package went on the post. The package is then ready after 15:00 in the afternoon. Ideal if you are not home to receive the package!

Bezorgen PostNL
With Bezorgen PostNL your order will be delivered to your door. Convenient if you are home for a day, for example. Usually the package is offered to you within 1 or 2 days. With the tracking code sent by e-mail you can see exactly when the deliveryman comes along. Are you, when the carrier comes, unfortunately absent then the package is usually an additional time offered on another day.

Pick up
Would you rather come by to pick up your order? This is also possible, indicate in the shopping cart that you would like to pick up your order and we will contact you to schedule the pickup.

Shipping costs

In order to deliver your ordered products as quickly as possible, we cooperate with PostNL. Would you like to have your order shipped? Then we ask a small contribution of € 8.15 per package for domestic shipments for orders under € 100.

If the ordered products fit through the mailbox, the maximum contribution of €5.25 within the Netherlands will be applied.

Why not have completely free shipping?
is quite simple. In order to ship packages, costs are incurred. The majority of online stores that offer free shipping charge the shipping costs through some sort of mark-up on top of the selling price of the products.

We think this is unfair. It penalizes customers who order multiple products, since they pay the surcharge for shipping costs with each product. Webshops that do not charge shipping costs earn extra on the so-called "free shipping"!

We prefer to keep costs open and honest.

International shipping Europe (foreign delivery)

Not living in The Netherlands? No problem, we deliver to most countries in Europe. You can select your county at the checkout. For delivery to other counties please contact us.

When you place an order we will gather the products for you and deliver them directly to your home or office. Shipping to The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany is free if you has a total of 100,- or more.

Countries Delivery fee Estimated delivery time
Austria € 22,49 2 - 3 days
Belgium € 13,01 2 - 3 days
Bulgaria € 52,14 4 - 7 days
Czech Republic € 30,06 3 - 5 days
Denmark € 26,12 3 - 4 days
Estonia € 41,16 4 - 6 days
Finland € 47,30 2 - 4 days
France € 24,31 2 - 3 days
Germany € 13,42 2 - 3 days
Greece € 65,76 3 - 6 days
Hungary € 30,06 3 - 5 days
Ireland € 42,16 2 - 3 days
Italy € 25,82 3 - 5 days
Latvia € 42,16 3 - 6 days
Lithuania € 42,16 4 - 6 days
Luxembourg € 20,38 4 - 6 days
Malta € 73,01 4 - 7 days
Monaco € 24,31 2 - 3 days
Poland € 32,78 2 - 5 days
Portugal € 34,90 3 - 5 days
Romania € 44,88 4 - 7 days
Slovakia € 30,06 3 - 5 days
Slovenia € 46,39 3 - 5 days
Spain € 30,36 3 - 5 days
Sweden € 30,06 2 - 3 days
The Netherlands € 8,15 1 - 2 days

The delivery time mentioned above is an estimated time. Please keep in mind that delivery can take a bit longer due:

  • Local holidays
  • Customs handling in the country of arrival
  • Strikes or other special events in the destination country

Delayed delivery strives to deliver your order within 1 or 2 working days. Unfortunately it can sometimes happen that an order is delayed. If the status of your order is "shipped" then it is best to wait a few more business days. If there is a delay we will do our best to notify you. If your order has been delayed and you have not been notified, please contact our customer service.