Buy cowhide pillows? Experience the finest collection of cowhide decorative pillows

Decorate your rooms with the cozy and soft cowhide pillows from They are real eye-catchers for the sofa and the chair. The cowskin pillows come in sizes 40x40 and 50x50cm with removable pillow filling. The cushions are covered with cowhide on both sides. On three sides, the cowhide cushions are sewn and the zipper is carefully concealed in the bottom of the cushion. Each cushion is unique and available in many different natural colors such as black, black / white, brown / white, shades of gray in short, any solid, duo and even tricolor.

Combine the cowhide pillows with a beautiful cowhide, calfskin, small cowhide or sheepskin to complete your decor. The variety of cowhide cushions and colors we have ensure that you can make beautiful combinations suitable for any room!

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Cowhide cushions brown black white Norman 40x40cm
From the pile 40x40cm
Cowhide cushions brown black white Norman 50x50cm
From the pile 50x50cm
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