Read all about different animals and animal breeds such as cow breeds, sheep breeds and goat breeds!

Did you know that there are over 800 different cow breeds, 900 different sheep breeds and about 500 different goat breeds worldwide? Each breed has its own unique characteristics and history. Which ones those are and how the history of these animals went you can read back here.


Cow breeds
" Lakenvelder (Dutch Belted)
" Groningen Blister head
" Belgian White Blue
" Scottish Highlander
" Holstein Friesian

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Sheep breeds
" Texel
" Black and white
" Drenthe heath sheep
" Jacob sheep
" Rackas sheep

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Goat breeds
" Toggenburg
" Dutch Land goat
" Dwarf goat
" Anglo-Nubian
" Angora goat

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European and African game
" Fallow Deer
" Springbok
" Blesbok
" Wildebeest
" Reindeer

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