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9.7WebwinkelKeur for the finest selection of cowhides, sheepskins, goat hides, reindeer hides and more! offers you the largest and most beautiful range of cow skins, sheep skins, goat skins, calf skins, rabbit skins and reindeer skins in the Netherlands at competitive prices. Are you looking for new furnishings for your room or office? We have the right skins for every decor, not to mention also for your children or pets who can play and lie comfortably on a cowhide or sheepskin. Of course, you can also use the skins and furs for other purposes. If you need advice on your choice we are of course at your service!

Normandier tricolor cowhides for luxurious interiors

Have you ever dreamed of an interior that both exudes luxury and has a warm, inviting atmosphere? Then maybe a beautiful Normandy cowhide was on your floor. In this blog, I'll take you through the unique ...

Discover the different types of sheepskins and how to use them

Sheepskins have been a beloved natural product for centuries, known for their versatility and durability. Each fleece has unique characteristics and uses. Wondering which ones they are?....

8 reasons to get a sheepskin in your home

Are you curious about why you should bring a sheepskin into your home? Sheepskins are a timeless addition that combine aesthetics and comfort. The versatile sheepskins fit any interior style and offer...

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