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9.7WebwinkelKeur for the finest selection of cowhides, sheepskins, goat hides, reindeer hides and more! offers you the largest and most beautiful range of cowhides, sheepskins, goatskins, calfskins, rabbit skins and reindeer skins in the Netherlands at competitive prices. Are you looking for a new interior for your room or office? We have the right skins for every interior, but not to forget also for your children or pets who can play and lie on a cowhide or sheepskin. Of course you can also use the skins for other purposes. If you need advice with your choice we are of course ready to help you!

How can you use a sheepskin in your interior?

Have you always wanted to use a sheepskin in your interior but don't know how yet or are you looking for inspiration? Let us inspire you with different possibilities and interiors....

What are medicinal sheepskins and how can you use them?

You may have seen them passing by, the short shaved cream/yellowish colored sheepskins, better known as the medicinal sheepskin and health sheepskin. But what are these medicated sheepskin pre...

A sheepskin for your dog and cat

Did you know that dogs and cats love to lie and sleep on a sheepskin? Especially for older animals a sheepskin offers a fine relief. But what is important about a sheepskin for your h...

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