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View collection for the finest selection of cow hides, sheepskins, goat hides, reindeer hides and more! offers you the largest and most beautiful range of cowhides, sheepskins, goatskins, calfskins, rabbit skins and reindeer skins in the Netherlands at competitive prices. Are you looking for a new interior for your room or office? We have the right skins for every interior, but not to forget also for your children or pets who can play and lie on a cowhide or sheepskin. Of course you can also use the skins for other purposes. If you need advice with your choice we are of course ready to help you!

Go directly for the skin or coat that best suits your interior:

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Exclusive mini cowhides

Looking for a small cowhide? At you will find the best and most beautiful selection of mini cowhides. Does a large sized cowhide not fit the room? Or are you looking for something else than a calfskin or goatskin? Then make your home a home with a luxurious small cowhide. Each small cowhide is completely unique in color and shape which makes them perfect for any type of decor.

Bekijk direct alle mini koeienhuiden


Cowhides in various colors, sizes and shapes for the real outdoor feeling

Take a few minutes to browse through the largest and most beautiful collection of first choice cowhides. The warmth and charm that a cowhide brings to the room is unmatched a true "eye-catcher" for friends, family and business clients. With a large and diverse selection of cowhides, you can bring the nice outdoor feeling right into your home and office. The cowhides are natural products, each hide has its own color, shape and size, no second to be found. So you always have a unique cowhide. At this moment there are skins available in the colors: black, white, beige, gray, brown and cream. But you can also find cowhides with various prints such as the zebra print cowhides.

Bekijk direct alle koeienhuiden


Sheepskins for a warm, cozy and luxurious look!

Give your room and office a warm, soft, cozy and luxurious look with the unique sheepskins from Choose from our large collection of sheepskins the sheepskin that suits you. Nothing beats a real sheepskin to give your room and office a warm, relaxed and cozy atmosphere. The sheepskin is a real natural product and each coat has its own shape, color and size. So you always have a unique fleece that no one else has. In our sheepskin assortment you will find coats in the colors white, brown and black. Discover the large collection of super soft sheepskins at

Bekijk direct alle warme schapenvachten


Decorative goat skins for elegance and atmosphere right in your room!

Bring elegance and atmosphere directly into your home and office with the decorative goatskins from With our large collection of goatskins you always have a wide choice. Whether you are looking for a light or dark color a small or large goatskin we have them in stock for you. Goat skins are fantastic natural products. Because goatskins are natural products you will always have a unique goatskin. Each skin has its own unique shape, size and color. For example, hides are available with the colors: black, white, brown, cream and beige. Browse and discover now the complete goatskin assortment at

Bekijk direct alle geitenhuiden


Reindeer skins are a beautiful and unique addition to any living and working space

Brighten up your rooms and office with the stunningly beautiful reindeer skins from Take a look at the largest collection of reindeer hides and choose the one that suits you best. The reindeer skins are a wonderful addition to any living and working space and create a pleasant peaceful atmosphere. They are ideal skins for both indoor and outdoor use nice and warm in winter and cool in summer. Our reindeer skins are genuine natural products, so you will always have a unique specimen. The reindeer skins all have their own unique shape, color and size. At the moment, reindeer skins are available in the colors: brown and white. Do not wait and check out the complete collection of reindeer hides at


Discover all about different animals and animal breeds in the animal encyclopedia

Discover and read all about different animals and animal breeds. For example, did you know that the Holstein Friesian cow breed is known for its excellent milk production. Or that the Texelaar sheep owes its name to the Dutch Wadden Island of Texel. And that there were already fallow deer before the ice age. With over 800 different breeds of cows, 900 different breeds of sheep and around 500 different breeds of goats, there is plenty to discover. Discover everything in our animal encyclopedia!


Antlers & horns

Are you looking for animal skins as well as antlers & horns? Then take a look at the beautiful collections of Here you'll find a wide collection of antlers, horns and specimens and much more! We are happy to help you pick out the perfect antler or horn!

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