Bring the beauty of nature into your interior with our exclusive cowhide accessories

Bring the beauty of nature into your interior with our cozy and warm cowhide decorations. From our soft, luxurious cowhide cushions that transform any seating area into a true comfort zone, to our unique cowhide coasters that protect your table and furniture from scratches and stains. But don't forget our super soft sheepskin chair cushions (chairpas) that give any chair and sofa a fine warmth, and our impressive water buffalo horns that make a statement in any interior.

For the holidays, we have something really special, namely cowhide Christmas socks, which add a rustic charm to your fireplace and you can also put nice gifts in them. We also have patchwork rugs made of cowhide, sheepskin or rabbit fur, they enrich any floor. And for those who want to share the natural beauty, we also have gift certificates so the recipient can pick something nice for themselves.

Warm and cozy cowhide cushions for your interiors

Discover the pure luxury and unmatched quality of our cowhide cushions, each cushion is made from the beautiful Normandy three-colored cowhides, which are known for their softness and distinctive color combination of black, white and brown. The cushions are available in sizes 40x40cm and 50x50cm and feature hair on both sides, war makes for an extra generous look. Place a set of cow pillows on the sofa for a warm and cozy look, you can also combine the different sizes for a playful effect. With their timeless charm, the cushions are not only a comfortable addition, but also a statement of natural beauty.

Protect your table and furniture in style with our luxurious cowhide coasters

Protect your table and furniture from scratches and stains from cups and glasses with our luxurious cowhide coasters. Our collection offers you both round and square coasters, stamped from the finest cowhides to perfectly match any interior style. The unique colors and patterns of the cowhides bring a subtle note of natural beauty and sophistication to your interior. Choose the most beautiful cowhide coasters and turn any occasion into something special.

With our sheepskin chair cushions, always indulge yourself with ultimate seating comfort and ambiance

With our atmospheric sheepskin chair cushions you pamper yourself with ultimate seating comfort while adding an atmospheric natural touch to your interior. We have our seat cushions specially made and our collection contains a wide variety of natural colors such as classic white, deep black and rich brown so you will always find the perfect match for your interior style. Whether you choose the subtle elegance of short wool or go for the luxurious look of long hair we have them all. Each chair cushion is extra padded which provides even better comfort. They are not only a pleasure to sit on but they also create a welcoming and soft atmosphere in your interior. Choose the sheepskin chair cushions of your choice and make every seat a comfortable and inviting place.

Bring a piece of rugged nature into your home with our water buffalo horns

Bring a piece of rugged nature into your home with our decorative water buffalo horns. Available in different sizes, perfect for decorating or further processing. For example, put them on a stand or turn them into authentic masks or arches. Each horn is unique, we have both individual horns and pairs in our collection.

Make every Christmas morning a special moment with our enchanting Christmas socks

Make every Christmas morning a memorable and special moment with our unique cowhide Christmas socks. These cozy socks will bring warmth and joy to your Christmas days, they are the most beautiful addition to your Christmas decor. Hang them on the chimney and fill them with small Christmas presents for your family. We have Christmas socks for adults as well as little baby socks. Let our unique and attractive Christmas socks be part of your Christmas traditions and enjoy every Christmas.

Looking for inspirations cowhide and animal skin inspirations?

Are you looking for cute cowhide and animal skin decorations for your interior or for further processing? The great thing is that our cowhide decorations fit any interior style, whether you have a modern, classic or industrial style they will always look great. Get inspired by customers who have gone before you and the versatility our decorations bring. From luxurious cowhide cushions to the most beautiful coasters. Are you looking for even more inspiration? Check out the inspiration room.

Calfskin tricolor with cowhide cushions brown white in living room Cowhide Christmas socks to fireplace Water buffalo horn on table in living room Lisette

Need help picking out your decorations?

Are you looking for cowhide decorations for your interior but would like additional advice or information? Then I would love to help you with your questions and the advice you are looking for so you can make an informed choice. Feel free to contact me at +31(0)6 17 52 13 63 during our opening hours, send an e-mail, or visit us in Boxmeer, the Netherlands - please make an appointment so you won't be standing in front of a closed door. Together we can create the perfect cowhide decorations for your interior.