The finest cowhides from the only true red-brown cattle breed (Hereford)

Discover the stunning and extensive collection of red-brown-white cowhides. These red-brown-white varieties are hugely popular when it comes to choosing a cowhide as a rug. Did you know that the Hereford is the only breed that comes with this beautiful red-brown color?

Are you looking to update your interior, such as for your living room or bedroom? Then consider a beautiful Hereford cowhide. These cowhides are always the shining centerpiece in any room and, with their beautiful natural features, they bring a warm atmosphere. Of course, cowhides are also perfect for the office or other purposes. Hereford cowhides have short hair, making them easy to maintain. Read more about our brown and white Hereford cowhides.

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Cowhide brown white 230x230cm M/L
Cowhide brown white Hereford 215x200cm M/L
Cowhide brown white Hereford 240x220cm XL
Cowhide brown white Hereford 235x235cm XL
Cowhide brown white Hereford 235x220cm XL
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