With gray (white) cowhides you bring a refined, elegant and warm atmosphere into your interior

With a gray cowhide you are always going for a sophisticated, elegant and modern look. Have you always felt that something is missing in your interior but don't know exactly what then a gray and white cowhide might be just the missing element. Although they are neutral they bring a subtle yet warm, luxurious atmosphere to your interior. This makes them suitable for any type of interior and room. With this elegant addition you are sure to make your interior stylish and warm.

Our gray cowhides almost always consist of different shades of gray from light to dark (almost anthracite) and they can have a combination of white with brown. This makes them perfect for different interior styles such as modern, country, industrial and many more. They can be combined with all types of color palettes. The nice thing is that gray skins almost always have shorter hairs which makes them perfect for on the floor such as in your living room, bedroom, foyer and sitting room. The short hairs also make them easy to maintain. Don't wait too long to pick out your new gray cowhide because it is one of the more popular colors that are often gone right away. Do not hesitate any longer and enrich your interior with a beautiful gray cowhide Read more about our gray and white cowhides here.

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