Buy cowhide brown white? These cowhides have the most varied color scheme

Looking for a brown white cowhide? Then let yourself be surprised by the great variety that the brown white cowhides bring. The brown and white cowhides are real classics in our collection. Add a cowhide to your interior for the real "home" feeling. After all, your home is only really ready when there is a nice atmosphere in every room. In addition, a cowhide is soft on the feet and provides a warm and nice natural atmosphere.

The variance among brown white cowhides is enormous. Therefore, our collection comes with a wide variety of choices. There are the classic spotted brown white cowhides, but also Herefords and speckled (salt & peppers). Would you rather go for something really unique? Then there are also brindle (mottled) cowhides. Besides the beautiful unique drawings, the brown tint can also vary.

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Cowhide grey brown white 190x170cm S

Cowhide grey brown white 190x170cm S


199,99 174,99
Cowhide brown white 205x190cm M/L
Cowhide brown grey white 200x205cm M/L
Cowhide brown white Hereford 205x200cm M/L
Cowhide brown white 210x185cm S
Cowhide brown white 200x190cm S
Cowhide brown white 185x190cm S
Cowhide brown white Hereford 215x200cm M/L
Cowhide brown white 225x220cm M/L
Cowhide brown white 230x215cm XL
Cowhide brown white 240x220cm XL
Cowhide brown white Hereford 250x210cm XXL
Cowhide brown white Hereford 240x220cm XL
Cowhide brown white Hereford 235x235cm XL
Cowhide brown white Hereford 235x220cm XL
Cowhide brown white 230x225cm XL
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