Procurement of antlers, horns and hides/furs

Do you have antlers or horns hanging / lying around at home and are you ready to renew your interior so they no longer have a suitable place? Don't let these beautiful natural pieces gather dust in the attic or in a corner of your garage. We regularly buy individual antlers and horns (with and without skulls) as well as larger collections to give them a new home.

Make room for your new interior by selling your antlers and horns to us

Are you redecorating your interior and the antlers or horns you have now no longer quite fit in? Then sell them to us and we will make sure that they become a showpiece in someone's home again. We offer you a market-level purchase price so that you can use the money to buy or do other fun things.

How we work in the procurement of antlers / horns

In order to get the best possible picture of the antlers or horns (or other pieces) you want to offer, it is important that we are able to evaluate them properly.

Photograph the pieces: In order to get a good picture of the antlers, horns or other pieces we ask for at least 3 good and sharp photos of the items you want to offer. A good front view, back view and if there are details such as dates etc. close-ups are always welcome.

Does it involve a large collection? Then, for example, an Excel list of the pieces you want to sell as well as photos of the complete collection is desired.

Mail the pictures (and if applicable the list) to info[at][dot]nl. Always include an asking price, note that we do not offer you the market price, we offer you a purchase price. Mails without pictures or prices are not treated.

Should the piece(s) appeal to us, we will contact you to look further into the possibilities.

Do you live, or are you, in the neighborhood? Then it is also possible to come by with the antlers / horns you want to sell (do contact us in advance for an appointment).

What we do and do not buy

We do not simply buy and sell all antlers, horns and hides/furs. If the pieces you wish to offer meet any of the criteria below we are not interested and will not process your request further:

  • We only buy antlers and horns, we do not buy "fresh" items, skulls or horns that are not clean or items that have yet to be prepared/tanned.
  • We also do not buy pieces that are defective or in need of repair.
  • We also do not buy any pieces that need CITES papers, for example endangered species.
  • We also do not buy birds, reptiles or shells.
  • We also do not purchase second-hand hides and furs.
  • We also do not buy leather accessories such as leather bags, purses, gloves, slippers, etc.
  • Hides and skins we buy only tanned

Are you considering selling your antlers / horns?

With us, passion for natural beauty is at the heart of our business. To not let your beautiful items get lost somewhere in your dusty attic room or in the shed, you have the opportunity to offer them to us. No hassle with Marktplaats or eBay buyers who don't know the values or don't show up, but with serious interest a quick closed sale. This way you earn money on the items you no longer want in your interior and we can make someone else happy.

Procurement of hides and furs

Do you have a tannery or wholesale business in hides and furs? And does it seem interesting to you to cooperate? Then you may always contact us. Mail us your catalog or website with clear pictures and prices. We only work with skins and furs that come from the meat industry that would otherwise be thrown away / destroyed. We also find it important that they hides and furs are tanned as sustainably as possible, i.e. with minimal impact on the environment and surroundings. We only buy tanned hides / furs, so no "fresh" or second-hand hides.