Buy cowhide black and white? Experience one of the most popular colors

At you will find a beautiful and extensive collection of black and white cowhides. The black and white cowhides are one of the most popular choices when it comes to a cowhide for the floor. For years, cowhides have been a beautiful and traditional way to bring more warmth and atmosphere into your home.

Are you ready for a new decor for your living room or bedroom? Then go for a beautiful black and white cowhide. A cowhide will be the centerpiece in any room, in addition, they bring, thanks to the beautiful natural characteristics, a fine and warm atmosphere with it. Of course, you can also use the cowhide for the office and for other purposes. The black and white cowhides are short-haired and therefore easy to maintain.

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Cowhide black white 160x185cm XS
Cowhide black white 140x140cm XS
Cowhide black cream 245x215cm

Cowhide black cream 245x215cm


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Cowhide black white 190x150cm S
Cowhide black cream 185x190cm S
Cowhide black and white brown salt and pepper 180x180cm S
Cowhide black off-white 215x195cm M/L
Cowhide black white 210x210cm

Cowhide black white 210x210cm


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