Looking for a tricolor cowhide? Find the perfect cowhide for your interior here

Have you felt for a while that something is missing in your interior, but you can't put your finger on it? Then a cowhide is the perfect solution for you. Many living rooms, offices and bedrooms, lack warmth and atmosphere. With a cowhide from Leatheroverstock.Com, you bring back the warmth and atmosphere in any room. With one simple addition you change your interior from moodless, to warm stylish.

Our tricolor cowhides consist of 3 different colors, namely black, brown and white. The tricolor hides come out perfectly in different types of interiors and can be combined with all color palettes. The thick resin cover of this particular cow, makes it extra soft and nice to use as a rug or sofa rug. Also handy to know is that our tricolor cowhide rugs are very easy to maintain. So don't hesitate any longer and renew your interior with one of our unique animal skins. Read more about tricolor cowhides.

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