Buy cowhide beige white? Add a natural, stylish and soft touch to your interior

Are you looking for a cowhide for your interior and should it have a soft feel? Then a beige white cowhide might be the perfect match. Beige white hides bring a soft note to your interiors of tranquility and sophistication. In addition to the soft note , they also create a warm, inviting atmosphere that is perfect for any interior style. Whether you want to put it in your living room, bedroom or sitting room.

Each cowhide in our collection is completely unique, ranging from solid light beige, to mottled beige and even beige white mottled. If you are really looking for something unique go for a large brindle cowhide. Regardless of your personal preference, in our collection you will surely find the beige white cowhide that will give your interior the warmth and atmosphere you are looking for. Read more about our beige white cowhides.

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Cowhide beige white 220x210cm M/L
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Cowhide beige white 230x220cm XL
Cowhide beige white brindle 220x210cm M/L
Cowhide beige brown white 280x230cm XXL
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