Placing an order at

Ordering a product at is easy and fast. If you have found the desired product, you can use a few short steps to place the order, finalize it and then enjoy your new purchase. How that works exactly you can read step by step below.

Place the desired product in the shopping cart
1) Once you have found the desired product click the "Add to Cart" button, the product will be added to your shopping cart.

2) A small pop-up will be seen asking if you want to continue shopping or place the order.

The overview of your shopping cart - step 1
In the shopping cart you can see exactly which products you have chosen. You can see here the product names, quantities, prices and shipping costs. If you would like to order more than one quantity of a certain product, you can change the "quantity" in the shopping cart to the desired number. This is only possible for products of which more than one is in stock.

You can also select your desired payment methods in your shopping cart overview. In the column on the left you can select the desired payment method. In the column to the right of the payment method you can select the desired shipping method. You will immediately see what it costs to send the package.

Data and order completion- step 2
In this step of the ordering process we ask you to fill in your data as completely as possible. We need your name, address, place of residence, a valid phone number and a valid email address. Fields marked with an asterisk * are required to complete the order process.

Have you ever ordered something from us before? Then you can click on the button "Login with account" at the top of the page (in the shopping cart step 2). You then only need to fill in your email address and password and click on "log in". Your previously entered data will be retrieved and filled in automatically.

This is the last step before finally placing the order. Here you can see your billing address, delivery address, the products ordered and the total price. If you have any comments or questions you can enter them in the field "Questions or comments?". Before placing the order you must agree to the terms and conditions. If everything is filled out correctly and you have agreed to the terms and conditions then click on the "Confirm & Pay" button to place your order.

How can I see if my order was successful?
Once you have placed your order you will immediately receive an order confirmation by e-mail. You can also log in via 'My account' to view your order.

Where can I view the status of my order?
You can view the most current status of all your orders through your account. To view the status, go (after you have logged in) to "Order/order status" and choose the desired order. Then you can see the status of the respective order.

Search for an article

On you can easily and quickly search through the search function. This search feature can be found at the top of each page. You type in a keyword in the field and then click on the "search" button. After you have clicked on "search", results will appear that meet your search criteria. This way you can quickly and easily find the right information.

Changing / canceling your order

If you want to cancel or change your order, please call our customer service as soon as possible. If the order is in the shipping process it can no longer be cancelled.