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How can I clean / maintain my sheepskin?

How can I clean / maintain my sheepskin?

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How can I clean / maintain my sheepskin?

Sheepskins are beautiful natural products that you can enjoy for years. They are known for their wonderful softness and their fun fluffy texture which makes them a great addition to your interior. Sheepskins have different uses and depending on the use, with a little bit of maintenance you can keep your sheepskin in top condition.

Do you know the secret of the sheepskin?

Did you know that sheepskins are naturally dirt-repellent / self-cleaning? As a result, a coat requires very little to no maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your sheepskin

If your sheepskin is in a frequently used area such as the living room then it will have more to endure than if it is in the bedroom. If you have the sheepskin on the floor, for example, it will catch dust and dirt such as sand more quickly.

Can you whip out the sheepskin?

To give the sheepskin a quick refresher, you can pat it out. After all, the coats can take a beating. Beating out the fleece is the easiest, fastest and simplest way. By beating out the coat you will loosen the underlying dirt, such as sand.

  • Use a mat beater or your hand if you don't have one at home. Hang the sheepskin over a rack, pipe, etc. this makes it easier to beat. Hand beating is preferable to the mat beater.
  • You can also give the sheepskin a good blow out / shake it. To do this, grab the left and right hind legs and flap the fleece well.

Of course, take the coat outside if you want to pat it out or blow it out. Otherwise you'll have the dirt on your floor.

Beating out sheepskin on drying rack with mat beater  Brown sheepskin lying on ground with mat knocker

Can you vacuum a sheepskin?

Another option is to vacuum the sheepskin. Useful if you don't have the ability to knock out the fleece outside. For vacuuming the sheepskin, the following applies:

  • Put your vacuum cleaner on a low setting.
  • Are you using an attachment? Make sure it doesn't rotate.
  • Should you only have a vacuum cleaner with a powerful setting, you can also use a handheld vacuum cleaner.

White sheepskin vacuuming

Can you comb/brush a sheepskin?

If you use a sheepskin for sitting, lying or walking on it a lot, the wool can start to felt after a while. By combing the fleece with a special sheepskin comb you can prevent the fleece from felting and keep the fleece soft and in good shape.

Although there are many different types of sheepskins, long hair, short hair, curly hair, etc. You can comb them all well.

Would you like to prevent the coat from felting? Then you can also give the sheepskin a preventive combing to keep it in top condition.

Do you use a sheepskin for decorative purposes only? Then it will not felt and combing the sheepskin is basically not necessary.

Sheepskin cloud comb on white sheepskin  Combing sheepskin with cloud comb

How to remove liquid/dirt from your sheepskin?

If liquid (drink) is spilled, act as quickly as possible. Have you accidentally spilled drink on your sheepskin? Then it is important to get the spill off the fleece as soon as possible. If you drop a glass of soda or wine on your sheepskin it can soak into the wool and leather making it more difficult to clean. Especially on coats with a light color (e.g. white) it is important to be quick about it. The following actions can be used to remove liquid.

  • Make sure you remove most of the liquid first. To do this, it is best to use some dry kitchen papers, a clean dry cloth or a clean dry sponge.
  • To apply the liquid use a dabbing motion. Avoid a sweeping movement as much as possible. This can spread the liquid and press it into the wool/leather.

How can you remove solid substances from your sheepskin?

Have you accidentally spilled food on your sheepskin? Then depending on the type of food it is important to act quickly. If some sauce or marinade falls on the fleece it is best to act quickly. Make sure you remove most of what has been spilled. You can use the back of your knife to do this. Then carefully pick off the solid substances.

If you have spilled something from food with sauce (or the like) then you can use the following actions

  • First, scrape away the solid bits by going with the direction of the hair.
  • Try to gently take off sauce, etc. with, say, the back of your knife.
  • Make sure you apply little to no pressure otherwise you will push the splayed hair into the coat.

Use a natural detergent / green soap

If after removing most of the liquid / dirt some remains then you can try to remove the remnants with lukewarm / warm water containing a small amount of natural detergent / green soap.

  • Use a clean cloth or sponge to apply the natural cleaning agent to the stain you want to remove.
  • You can wipe in multiple directions with policy to remove the stain.
  • Has the stain been removed? Then you can just wipe the spot with a clean sponge or cloth.
  • Once the stain is gone, dry the area as much as possible with a clean dry cloth.
  • Finally, you can comb the hair into shape with a cloud comb.

Did the dog or cat do its business on the sheepskin?

Dogs and cats love sheepskins. They are wonderfully soft and comfortable to lie on. If you have the sheepskin on the floor or sofa it can of course occur that your dog or cat will lie on it and accidentally do his need. Are you there immediately and is it just a pee? Then you can use the above steps of "liquid removal". If you are there a bit later then there is a good chance that the puddle is (partly) retracted. Then apply the tips from "remove fluid" and "use a natural cleaning agent".

Is the sheepskin still a little wet from cleaning? Then let it dry gently. Hang the fleece over a drying rack where it is slightly breezy. Never let the fleece dry too quickly, for example by placing it in the sun, over the heating or another heat source. If the fleece dries too quickly, the leather can become stiff and the wool less soft.

Dog Diesel on reindeer skin  Brown sheepskin on hocker with sleeping dog

Can you wash a sheepskin in the washing machine?

Would you like to give your sheepskin a refresh? Pop it in the washing machine and you're done, right? Unfortunately, this does not apply to sheepskins. A sheepskin is naturally dirt-resistant and self-cleaning. This is because sheepskins naturally contain a substance called wool fat, also known as lanolin. By putting the sheepskin in the washing machine you wash this substance out of the coat, which is detrimental to the quality of the coat.

In addition, you have the leather side of the coat. This can become stiff if it has become too wet.

Can you put a sheepskin in the clothes dryer?

Unfortunately, a sheepskin cannot be put in the dryer either. The heat will dry out the leather which can make it stiff and hard. If the leather is too dry it can eventually tear.

Did the sheepskin get wet? Then let it dry gently on a drying rack, but not in the sun or near a heat source such as a heater or stove.

Read more about whether or not to wash your sheepskin here.

Give your sheepskin a refresh in the snow

Snow is a scarce commodity in the Netherlands but did you know that if there is a thick layer of snow you can put the sheepskin in it for a nice refresher?

Place your sheepskin with the wool side in a pack of fresh snow. Press the sheepskin well and leave it there for an hour (or longer). Make sure that the leather side stays dry. Is the time over? Then pat the snow off the sheepskin and let it dry gently inside. Do not place it directly next to a heat source such as a heater or stove. This will dry the fleece too quickly! The snow removes any dirt but also odors. Your sheepskin will be fresh again after the snow treatment.

Sheepskin wool in snow leather side above  Imprint dirty sheepskin in snow

Can you wash dyed sheepskins?

As with natural coats, we do not recommend washing sheepskins. This is because washing the coat is detrimental.

What is the best way to dry your sheepskin?

A sheepskin is best left to dry gently at room temperature. For example, hang the fleece over a drying rack or fence so that it can be gently blown dry.

It is important not to let a sheepskin dry too quickly. This can cause the leather to become stiff and hard. Is the leather hard? Then unfortunately it is no longer possible to make it nice and supple. Avoid drying on the heater, near the stove, in the dryer or in the sun.

White sheepskin on drying rack Grey sheepskin on drying rack

Did your sheepskin accidentally get too wet, can't get the coat clean or are you looking for a nice new sheepskin? Then take a look at our extra soft collection of sheepskins.

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