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Icelander sheepskin white 105x70cm M

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      Icelander sheepskin white 105x70cm M

      Are you missing a warm atmosphere in your house and want to make your house a home? Then you can add a warm natural atmosphere to your interior with this Icelandic sheepskin. From our collection you see the sheepskin white with a size of 105x70cm M. Hair firm, does not smell and with a silk sheen, this coat is extremely suitable for the living room and bedroom but also for the office. With this sheepskin you immediately bring a warm and charming atmosphere in your home and office.

      • Color: white
      • Size: ± 105x70cm M
      • Hair length: long
      • Anti-odor treatment: Yes, double washed

      How can you use this Icelander sheepskin?

      The most well-known and applied way is to use an Icelandic sheepskin as a soft and atmospheric mood creator in your interior, for example for the sofa or chair. This way you can sit wonderfully soft and comfortable.

      In addition, you can also use the sheepskin as a rug for wonderfully warm feet, e.g. for the sofa or in the bedroom next to your bed. Of course you can also use this fleece purely for decoration, put it over a small bench or over a table or cabinet for a warm atmosphere.

      For your dog and cat

      Do you have a dog or cat? And can your fluffy animal also sit on the couch (or in the chair)? Then you can also use this sheepskin to protect your sofa / chair so it is not damaged. You can also use this sheepskin as a soft and comfortable bed where they can lie and play. A sheepskin absorbs the body temperature so it is nice and warm during cooler days but also cooler during warmer days.

      Can I use the Icelandic coat outdoors?

      Yes, to a certain extent. If the weather outside is nice and not humid then you can use this Icelander sheepskin in your lounge set for that wonderful relaxing moment. Is it raining or humid? Then it's best to put your sheep in the barn for a while. In the evening it is also best to bring your Icelander sheepskin inside. Leather does not withstand moisture very well.

      How Iceland's unique environment contributes to the quality of Icelandic sheepskin

      The quality of Icelandic sheepskins is determined not only by genetic factors, but also by the unique environment in which the sheep live. Iceland is characterized by its rugged landscape, clean air, and abundance of pure water. These elements combine to create a natural environment that contributes to the health and quality of the wool.

      During the summer months, sheep graze freely in the vast, untouched nature of Iceland. They feed on the wild grasses, herbs, and moss that are rich in nutrients. This natural diet plays a crucial role in the development of their thick, shiny coats. In addition, exposure to the elements causes the sheep to develop a robust coat that protects them from the cold, wet climate.

      Iceland's harsh winters ensure that only the strongest and healthiest sheep survive, contributing to the exceptional quality of Icelandic sheepskin. These coats are not only thicker and warmer, but also contain lanolin (wool fat), which makes the wool water-repellent and self-cleaning.

      In essence, the origin of Icelandic sheepskins is a story of survival, adaptation, and natural beauty. These furs are a direct reflection of the rugged, pure beauty of Iceland itself, bringing a piece of this unique culture and environment into our daily lives.

      Ecologically tanned, better for the environment

      We have all our Icelander sheepskins sustainably tanned. This means that the tannery does not use any harmful substances that can harm the environment, such as chromium, heavy metals and other harmful dyes. We even go a step further and can proudly say that the Icelander sheepskins we have are allowed to carry the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 label.

      Unique tanning method that gives the sheepskin a silky soft feel and also makes it smell good

      This Icelander sheepskin is super supple and has a wonderfully soft texture. To achieve this high quality, the sheepskin is brushed several times which makes it extra soft and gives it an amazingly beautiful sheen.

      Another feature of this premium Icelander sheepskin is its pleasant smell. In fact, we noticed that many sheepskins on the market have a very pungent sheep/farm smell. This is characteristic of cheap sheepskins that have gone through only a limited tanning process. If you put such a cheap sheepskin in your house, the whole house will smell of sheep in no time, not really desirable. After all, you want to be able to enjoy the sheepskin right away, right?

      We have been working with our tannery on how to make the Icelander sheepskins smell nice. After some adjustments in the tanning process, our sheepskins smell nice and have a pleasant scent, and we are quite proud of that. As a result, you can immediately give them a nice spot in your home and immediately enjoy their splendor.

      How can you maintain the Icelander sheepskin?

      Icelandic sheepskins require little to no maintenance. If dirt or moisture has gotten on the coat you can use the tips below when cleaning.

      Remove stains and dirt from the Icelander sheepskin:

      • These can be gently whipped out with the hand or a mat whisk.
      • If moisture (beverage, etc.) is spilled on it, pat the area dry immediately (do not rub!) with a clean dry cloth.
      • Stubborn stains can be removed with a small amount of natural detergent with lukewarm/hot water.
      • Dried-up dirt can be removed with a slightly damp cloth.

      Uniquely photographed

      With us you always get the sheepskin of the photo sent home. We photograph all Icelandic fleeces separately so you get an extra good picture. So you can immediately give it a nice spot and enjoy it.

      Go for an Icelandic sheepskin that no one else has

      Icelandic sheepskins are genuine natural products, which is why only one of each sheepskin is available. This way you always have a 100% unique sheepskin that no one else has.

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