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A sheepskin for your dog and cat

A sheepskin for your dog and cat

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Our Greyhound Diesel preferred to lie on his sheepskin all day. Except when he heard the refrigerator door or the bag of cookies he came to see if there was something to get. We also had a few other mats but you could always find him back on his familiar sheepskin.

No wonder too because a sheepskin has several benefits. So if you are looking for a comfortable bed or rug for your furry friend, we are not talking about your boyfriend or husband ;), then a sheepskin is perfect. In addition, a sheepskin is also a beautiful luxurious addition to your interior.

Benefits of a sheepskin for your dog and cat

A sheepskin has several advantages.

- A sheepskin offers relief to older dogs and cats

As our Diesel grew older, we noticed that he was having more difficulty walking and getting up. The "standard" dog beds were no longer sufficient for him. Therefore he got from me a nice warm sheepskin to lie on.

A sheepskin offers relief to the muscles and joints especially with joint pain. The wool spreads the pressure when you sit or lie on it. (That is why medicinal sheepskins are often used for elderly people who lie down a lot or if you have to sit a lot. This against pressure sores also called bedsores). It is better for your dog and cat to lie on a slightly firmer surface because it gives them more support when standing up.

- A sheepskin adapts to the body temperature

Wool has the wonderful property of adapting to body temperature. Thus, the coats are nice and cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter.

- A sheepskin is antibacterial

Another benefit is that sheepskins are antibacterial. The fleeces naturally contain a substance called lanolin. This is a fatty substance that the sheep itself makes to keep bugs and dirt away from its skin.

How can you use the sheepskin?

You can use a sheepskin in several ways. The most common way is as a bed. But you can also use the sheepskin as a rug or for protection on the couch or chair.

Use a sheepskin as a bed

Just like us, dogs and cats need a place to sleep, relax and feel safe and comfortable. On average, dogs and cats also sleep more than humans. Where we sleep about 7 to 9 hours, dogs sleep on average about 12 to 14 hours per day and cats even more with over 16 hours! Because a sheepskin is nice and soft, adapts to the body temperature and is antibacterial they are ideal for your dog and cat.

Does your dog or cat sleep on the floor? Then a sheepskin will keep the cold from the floor away from him/her. In addition, any moisture is also quickly dissipated because air can easily blow between the wool hairs.

Use a sheepskin as a rug

Do you have several places in your home where your dog or cat can lie comfortably? Then you might also consider putting a sheepskin in those places as well. Then they can also lie on their favorite spots deliciously comfortable.

Use a sheepskin for protection on the sofa or in the chair

Does your dog or cat like to lie with you on the sofa or chair? Then you want your sofa or chair to last a while. And you don't want your four-legged friend to start "digging" or to put her nails in it. Therefore, you can also put a sheepskin in the chair or on the couch so they can lie there comfortably.

Cat Pumba on brown sheepskin in chair  Dog Amber sleeping on brown sheepskin Cat on white sheepskin

What kind of sheepskin is best to use?

Sheepskins come in many different types, sizes and colors. But which kind of sheepskin is best to use for your dog and cat?

Your dog or cat will be most comfortable lying on a sheepskin with a more compact wool cover like a Texel. Texels usually have a medium-length wool cover which is fairly thick and yet soft.

A sheepskin with shorter wool is also possible. You can put this over the current cot, for example (can be done with a Texan, by the way).

Sheepskins from the Icelandic sheep are less suitable because Icelanders have long hair and are less thick in wool.

What color sheepskin can you use?

This is a personal choice. If it is up to the dog or cat, the color will not matter so much, as long as they can lie comfortably. If you really want to reflect a certain color in your interior, for example brown/white, you can go for a colorful sheepskin. If you have a white dog or cat and it still wants to leave white hairs here and there you can go for a white sheepskin. For a brown dog you can use a brown sheepskin. Any loose hairs from your dog or cat will then be less noticeable.

Maintenance / cleaning of sheepskins

A sheepskin needs little to no maintenance (fortunately). Would you like to use the sheepskin as a bed for your dog or cat? Then you only need to pat it out once a month (or at your own discretion) to get rid of the sand your dog and cat take with them.

Does your dog or cat lie on the sheepskin a lot? Then after a while the wool may have settled a bit. To make the sheep "fluffy" again you can brush it with a fur brush or wool comb.

You can read all about the maintenance of your sheepskin in our sheepskin maintenance blog.

Can you use other skins and coats for your pet?

Yes, many dogs and cats find it pleasant to lie on, for example, a cowhide. That is just a bit softer and warmer than directly on the floor.


In addition, dogs and cats also like to lie on a goatskin. And occasionally we also see that cats like to lie and play with a rabbit skin.


Can my dog or cat also lie on a reindeer skin? In short no, because a reindeer skin has hollow hairs. If pressure is put on these hairs they can break off. So if your dog is going to dig or your cat is going to scratch, it will not do the reindeer skin any good. Then you better go for a sheepskin.

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